Should Zoos Be Abolished?


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Zoos can benefit not only the humans but also the animals themselves. In many parts of the world, the natural habitat for the animals has been so badly damaged by humans that the animals can not live there anymore. Many species will go extinct if they are not protected.  We can only hope that someday the humans will decrease their population and lessen their impact on the Earth and that there will again be places where wild species of animals can live their lives in their own natural way.  Until then, the zoos of the world can keep those species alive and waiting to be reintroduced back into a restored  habitat.
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Karina Janet
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Where did you get that info from? Im doing something for school and im against abolishing zoos...any help?
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The only reason I think zoos should exsist is to house orphaned/injured or endangered species breed in captivity. Animals aren't stupid, just because they can't speak doesn't mean they don't feel emotions. Animals just like humans need stimulation, a cage with ball or tyre hanging from a string is not a stimulated environment. Animals aren't here for the amusement of us, or our children.
I don't think zoos should abolished, because they do serve a humane purpose, but I in no agree with perfectly healthy animals being taken out of their environment to be placed in zoos, or animals being kept in sub-standard conditions, which many zoos around the world provide.
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NO WAY!!! A zoo is one of the most "magical" places for most kids!!
As long as the animals don't get's absolutely harmless!
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You have to agree? That stinks.

  • promotes unrealistic view of natural wildlife

  • funding of taxpayer money

Sorry, I can't really give you many reasons for your debate. Wish you had gotten the other side.
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Zoos should be abolished be abolished because animals deserve as much freedom as us.
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Well I am doing a project for my class and it's about zoo's being abolished and I am for it but I don't know any strong agreement's for it could you help me?
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How would children learn first hand about the animal kingdom were it not be for the existence of zoos ? We must always provide this means of education and public enjoyment, to be able to view other species. 
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I've said this before, but that is an awful reason for zoos existing. Taking animals from their natural environment, putting them in cages and locking them away just for the entertainment and education of children is not right.
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that would be good if I was on the other side!

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