What Are Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Zoo?


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The main advantages of keeping animals in zoos is that they get saved from dangers of wildlife. By keeping them in zoo ensures their safety and also helps in keeping them away from diseases that they could not survive in jungle life. At the same time, Zoo provides a way to people to take a closer look at animals and see how they behave. It is an entertainment with purpose where it is educating citizens, there are also benefits for animals.

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Breeding Endangered Species – saves them from extinction
See wild animals up close that you may not have been able to see other wise
Is informative for Children

Do not provide suitable environments for wild animals
Animals may be kept in small cages and suffer from stress
The climate and habitat is often different from their native environment and some find it difficult to adjust

However safariparks have a large space for the animals to roam around and it becomes apparent if an animal is uncomfortable and not happy in their enviroment.
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Advantages of a zoo:
- It is an informative place for the kids.
- It is a good recreational spot for the whole family.
- People can see different animals from all around the world at a single place.
The disadvantages are:
- It is normally overcrowded for the people as well as the animals.
- Dangerous animals can pose a risk to the visitors.
- The animals are usually living in unhygenic conditions.
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The advantages to zoos far outweigh the disadvantages. Protection of threatened and endangered animals, along with education, are the primary goals of most modern zoos. The only disadvantage is the animals living environment....which is only a disadvantage if you continue to personify animals. They do not need wide open spaces. Most animals live in a certain range all their lives. Sure their homes in zoos are smaller, but there is also no threat from predators as well as a constant food supply. Animals in zoos are not completely domesticated and should not be thought of as such. They are not of the same mentality as your puppy or kitten at home. Zoos are the equivalent of a paradise retreat. Although I agree that some "zoos" are not modern zoos and literally hold animals in cages. In regards to these "zoos" I believe animals are better off in the wild than contained in small cages and harassed by people. Modern zoos= good. Carnival zoos=bad
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Keeping animals in the zoo is a great way to keep them healthy. Doing this protects them from diseases and being in danger from wild life. Food is provided for the animals. This is also great for the public not only is a fun experience, but you learn something too. There are many advantages for keeping animals in zoo, including our entertainment.
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I agree with you wild animals should be in the wild but unfortunately us human beings are destroying their natural habitats at such a fact rate that one of these days the Zoo would be the only place where you would find the wild animals.  The same with birds.  To me it is cruel to keep them in little cages.  I had a bird and she was so tamed that she could come and go as she please.  I never kept her in a cage.
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Some people think that zoos are cruel but I think that they are wrong. Firstly, they are given professional care

On the other hand,they are locked up in small cages which is bad.

By that, they will then develop a disease called zoochosis

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Wild animals belong in the wild. Would you like to caged up? No! But if the animal is injured on endangered then zoos are a good place to be protected. Anyway some zoos are really nice places. They even have toys for every animal! Xx
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One advantage is that it can help save nearly extinct species. A disadvantage is that newly born animals can adapt to the zoo life and they might not be able to survive the wild environment or in their natural habitat.
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The government is going for zoos, so animal protestors can’t do anything
Scientists study animals so that they can work out how an animal won’t become bored
IVF treatment can also be done on animals as a method to help them to breed
The people who are working in zoos must understand about animal reproduction
Making more of an animal may change the effect on a particular area e.g. Making more cheetahs near a farm could mean that the goats and sheep in the farm get eaten
Most animals will become extinct over time anyway
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I am only going to give you one of my advantages because that it what we are doing in school, so you. They can be trained well and the zookeepers would learn a lot more about the main animal they are looking after
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Well not really any animals should live in the wild and find their own food unless they are injured in some way but after it has been healed it should be brought back to their habitat because a lot of sharks have died in zoos because the water wasnt right
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I've been doing research for a debate I'm taking part in, the motion is: Zoos are cruel and should be closed down.
I was put in the against team and I wasn't too sure about it, I wanted to be for.
But I have just done 3 hours research and I have changed my mind, zoos are pretty great when managed well.
Some great points here.
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There are far more advantages than disadvantages, more and more zoos are now non-profit organizations based on conservation of the animals they harbor and they breed and raise endangered animals as well as educate the public on what they can do to help. A lot of zoos even take injured animals and nurse them bak to health before reintroducing them back into their natural habitat.

The cons to zoos would primarily be based on the zoos for profit, and probably most of them do not sustain the proper habitats for their animals and are capitalizing on the public's curiosity and are not likely to offer much education because they are not trying to conserve they are trying to make money. I believe that most zoos nowadays are non-profit though, at least where I live all of the zoos that I know of are.

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