Why Do We Keep Wild Animals In Zoos?


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• They allow us to study and find out more about animals that we would not understand otherwise.
• Zoos allow people to see and connect with what would otherwise be unavailable to them.
• Zoos and wildlife parks are places where we can protect species that are in trouble, so they don't disappear from the Earth completely.
• Zoos give people the opportunity to see animals in person, often up close, to watch them and to appreciate them.
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Animals are kept in zoo so that they get saved from dangers of wildlife. By keeping them in zoo ensures their safety and also helps in keeping them away from diseases that they could not survive in jungle life. At the same time, Zoo provides a way to people to take a closer look at animals and see how they behave. It is an entertainment with purpose where it is educating citizens, there are also benefits for animals if all safety measures are properly taken.
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Wild animals are not "wild" if they are living in a zoological garden being fed by owners or care takers. That would be like saying come see my "wild" cat named Snuggles or my "wild" dog named Fido. Sounds kind of silly to me. The animals in zoos can not be released back to their native land because they are dependant on the humans, where may I ask is the "wild"?
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Animals are kept in zoos for more than one reason.  Often times they are on the endangered list and the zoo is attempting to increase their numbers by breeding them.  Of course, there is the obvious reason - money that is brought in by the visitors to the zoo to help maintain the zoo and pay the zoo keepers salary and pay for the animal food etc.  Very often the animals would not ever be seen by the visitors in their natural habitat so this is a plus for the average citizen to have them available for viewing.  Animals may be there so that they can be studied.
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If we put together tiger and deer or any animals, even in the limited area, all of the creatures may vanish. Putting the prey in the zoo is the best way not only to save them but also to protect ourselves.
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We keep them in zoos, so that we can learn about them and help them. Like the animals who are close to extinct.
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"Zoo" is short for "zoological garden". And a zoological garden is a place where living animals are kept and exhibited.
Why do we keep wild animals in zoos? The most important reason is that everyone is interested in animals. Another reason is that scientists are able to learn many important things by studying living animals.
The first zoo we know anything about was started as long ago as 1150 B.C. by a Chinese emperor, and it had many kinds of deer, birds, and fish in it. Even though it was somewhat like our modern zoos, there was one big catch to it. It probably was not open to the public but was kept for the amusement of the emperor and his court.

Since it costs a great deal of money to put together a zoo and maintain it, zoos in ancient times were assembled and owned by kings and rich lords. Many of them had collections of rare birds, fish, and animals of all kinds.
The first public zoological garden in the world was opened in Paris in 1793. This was the famous Jardin des Plantes. In it were animals, a museum, and a botanical garden.
The next big zoological garden to be opened was in 1829 in Regent's Park in London. Then came the Zoological Garden of Berlin, which was begun in 1844 and became one of the finest and best in the world.
In this country we have many zoos. At Whipsnade Zoo, in Bedfordshire, animals from all parts of the world thrive, free to roam, in the surrounding countryside, fenced in only for safety's sake. Other popular zoos are found at Bristol and Edinburgh.
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We should keep animals especially that are endangered wildlife in the zoo. By keeping them in the zoo, we can save their life from extinction. It may reduce killing and hunting animals illegally. By having creatures in the zoos, we can manage and monitor them systematically and then they will become healthier and stronger. We can look after their breeding and their species. Then our next generations will be able to see that kinds of creatures. Some people argue that we should give them freedom because they can adapt themselves. In my opinion, there are many animals that cannot adapt and survive with the environment. Nowadays, we cannot see any dinosaur in somewhere.
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We keep animals in zoos because we need their number to grow, if we need an animals number to grow we will usually keep them in a zoo where there is no danger of that animal to be hunted by another animal, or a human. We keep animals there to mate and safely raise a baby, and the family will not have to find food, it will be easier for them to get it if they are in a zoo, so they will not starve. Another reason why we keep animals in zoos is to get money from tourists and visitors when they come. The last reason is a true but horrible reason why they keep animals there, the first two is a good reason, those are mostly why they keep animals in zoos they're might be more but I guess they are not as important as these.
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All the human beings r not able to see the wild animals in the forest.  So we can see in the zoo.
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It's their home.If we put them in zoo,it makes the animal depart from there home and their families.
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We keep animals in zoos so that scientist can understand how the animals live and how they would act in their normal enviorment

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