What Do I Do To Make My Hamster Live Happily?


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Congratulations on your upcoming addition! Hamsters can make wonderful pets. How much one will cost depends on where you live. In the United States, hamsters tend to cost around $10, but sometimes if you buy the supplies (cage, water bottle, food, etc.) as a package deal, the pet store will include a free hamster with them. Call around to pet stores in your area and they will let you know what's available.

You're correct about needing a cage, food, toys, water bottle and some treats, but don't forget bedding material. You'll need something to cover the bottom of the cage, and something for your pet to make a nest out of. These materials are available at pet stores.

As far as helping your new pet to live a long and happy life, there are a few things to keep in mind. Keeping his cage clean and making sure that he always has fresh food and clean water available is very important. Exercise is also important...and since hamsters are nocturnal (they are active at night and prefer to sleep during daylight hours...and it's important for their health that they be allowed to sleep during this time), you should provide something for him or her to do while you are asleep. There are small exercise wheels made specifically for this purpose. Of course you'll want to play with your pet as well, and this can provide a chance for some more physical activity. You might also consider getting a second hamster so that they can play together...and also provide companionship for each other when you're away from the house or asleep. Friends help all kinds of creatures live longer, happier lives!

Probably the most important part of helping your hamster live a long life is keeping him or her safe. Make sure the cage is secure and can't be knocked over or off of whatever it will be sitting on. Don't allow your hamster to run around unattended (using a clear plastic hamster ball to let your pet exercise outside of the cage makes it easier to keep track of the little guy...they can move quickly!), and be sure that other household pets (cats, dogs, etc.) are kept away from the hamster.

The more you know about your furry little friend, the more the two of you will enjoy each other! You can start by visiting this site for more information: www.thehamstersite.com. You can also find other informative sites by searching for "hamster information" on Google or another search engine.

Enjoy your new friend!
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Well you will need bedding...soft wood shavings
heavy shallow bowl that the animal can reach
a nesting house for sleeping
things for the hamster to chew on
a wheel for exercise
tunnels ladders ramps wheels
maybe a friend to play with
you will need to play with it every day to keep him happy or let him out of his cage but in your sight
well that is about it if you don't forget to have grains vegetables fruits timothy hay and clean fresh chlorine free water!!!!!!
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To make your hamster live longer, I suppose you should give it attention and lots of love.
Maybe on a daily basics you should give it a bit of carrot or lettuce.
A big cage would be a suitable and perfect size for your hamster, but try not to change its cage often, because it gets very upset, if there home is taken away.
Teddy Bear hamsters cost around about 10£.
Enjoy your hamster.

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You don't need a big bag of food no more than 2-5 lbs.your cage needs a lot of air flow and needs a wheel.and you need munchies to grind and sharpen teeth.
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Give it comfort and let it out the cage sometimes but don't let it out of your sight because it will run away
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You need to buy ever thing that you said but your hamster might not  like what you give him or her  so make sure that they like that.
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If you go 2 the saline pet store by bushes you can get them 4 $8 thats were I got mine and I am tring to breed it I named here coffee she is a teddy bear hampster here mates name is hammie he was abused buy a little girl named emmie she painted it with toxic black paint and it lived cool aint it I'm jenna?
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If its a girl get it another girl hampister but only a girl if its a boy they will mate as babies and fight till death if not babies

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