Do I Need An Injection If My Hamster Bites Me?


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How long has it been since you had a tetanus shot? You should get them every 10 years. If you haven't had one, then you should go and get it. Hope this helps.
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Along with what tiggersmom said, I would add that you should keep the hamster under close observation for 30 days.  If there is any threat of rabies, the hamster will be symptomatic within that period.  If it displays signs of illness or dies in that time... Take the hamster with you and see a doctor immediately.  I had the same situation with ground-squirrels I raised as a kid when one bit me.  My tetanus shots were current, and the ground-squirrels remained healthy, so all was good.
The bad side is that it COULD be serious, so DO pay attention to the hamster for the next month.  The good news is that it is still highly unlikely that you contracted rabies from it.

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