How Do I Make My Hamster Nice?


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Of course you can tame your hamster, bird, iguana, etc. It takes a lot of patience and a lot of time, but it can be done.

It is just like making a castle with building blocks - first the foundation and then the walls. Start by just putting your hand in the cage and leaving it there, after a few days start putting your hand near your hamster but not touching it - do not chase it around the cage with your GIANT hand. Then take your finger and start gently touching your hamster and petting it with only a finger. Hamsters are good at faking they are going to bite you by suddenly turning around and opening their mouth. Most of the time they don't do anything. If you can get to putting your finger under their belly and rubbing just like you do a dog they will roll over and let you rub their belly.

Eventually you will be able to cup your hand under your hamster (but don't take him out yet). Then lift your hand up a few inches. After several weeks you should be able to take your hamster out of the cage. Do not let him wander around yet. Just hold him close to you, cupping your hand. A hamster rolling ball might be fun for him and you. He will get used to you taking him out and him getting to play.

Be careful - hamster can leap out of your hand very quickly!

Just don't forget - hamster sleep during the day so do not startle him - wake him gently and wait for him to get the sleep out of his eyes before you start.

Good Luck!!
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I have had a couple mean hamsters and the way I got them to be nice to me was, before I picked him up I let him smell me so he would get use to my scent and knows who I am. Do that until you are able to pick him/her up. Give it lots of love and like carrots and lettuce and you might want to get it a hamster ball.
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Keep your hand in the cage and let it sniff you and put a few treats on your hand and let him/her take it. I have never tried but when I got my hamster from a friend it didnt like me and wanted his old owner back, but then I started hand feeding my hamster and letting her fill her cheek pouches with the food I gave her. But don't give her more food and treats then needed or this can break their very important diet and give them problems with their stomachs. I always took the food I gave her from her food bowl. Just to warn you, your hamsters cheek pouches might get pretty big. Its ok, in the wild, this was how they carried their food from gathering. Then they will go and hide their food. If you stick to that for a few days then, always when your hamster sees you then he/her will try to get more food.

P.S. If you have a wire cage, your hamster might get a little over excited and will climb on the cage like spider man and will fall to get down , you might have to pick him/her up and put her on the cage floor.
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That is a good question. I thought about this one and I think I HAVE the answer. You can't make your hamster nice because when it was born it came with a habit. So there is NO way to make a hamster nice since I was wondering the same question when I had my hamster.
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One of the way to make a hamster nice is that you have to gave it lots of love and care and it will get used to you.
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The way to make hamster nice is that you have to gave them lots of love and care so it will get use to you.
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I hope the steps are correct. I would really like it to be a lot nicer! Wish me luck!!!!
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Oh the person who said you can't make them nice is lying! You can make them nice, by loving and letting them sniff you and if they bite you, DO NOT HIT THEM! It won't help them any!
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You don't need to go through all that crap! You just plain and simple give him or her love be nice to it and BAM! Its simple! Oh and leave it alone the first two days you get it but when you got your hamster the person you got it from probably all ready told you! :) Good luck!

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