Does Male Dog`s Urine Burn Grass?


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Male dog urine does indeed burn grass, but no more and no less than female dog urine. There is in fact very little difference in the composition of male and female dog urine, in truth there isn’t much difference in the chemical structure of dog urine to that of any other animal, including us humans, any differences usually coming down to dietary habits. The reason it may seem like female dog urine is more damaging to your luscious green lawn than their male counterparts is that dogs will cock a leg up to urinate, dissipating their waste water over a larger area, meaning their urine will be less concentrated than a bitch’s who will sit in the one place when doing their business.

Urine in general is made up of Nitrogen, Ammonia, Carbon and Oxygen. It is the Nitrogen aspect of the dog’s urine that will overdose the grass, although Nitrogen in correct quantities is a vital ingredient to healthy soil, it will make the grass turn yellow or brown if there is an over concentration of the chemical. There are a number of ways in which you can combat this problem, firstly there is the simple method of training the dog to go in one particular place on the lawn, preferably somewhere which won't be as noticeable. There is also the solution of altering the pH balance of your dogs urine with dietary supplements, although you should always check with your vet before tampering with your dog's diet. What if it’s not your dog? There are still some things you can do such as watering the area immediately after it has been used or even choosing a low nitrogen fertiliser.
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yes... All urine will burn the grass... The more concentrated the urine to more it will burn it... So encourage him to drink regularly by keeping several sources of fresh water around.
The peeing in the house is a whole other can 'o worms... Clean every thing up with and enzyme cleaner.. Make his favorite spots inaccessible for a time... If it's a real problem, you might want to try a belly band, just make sure you remember to take him out often to pee.
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What is a "bell band" dll?
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it's a quilted wrap that goes around a male dogs wee-wee.. and Velcro's over the back... used in training young pups or for incontinent dogs mostly.... google it for a pic.
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it should read "belly band".
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Sounds like he misses his lady friend. Any type of urine will burn the lawn. I wonder if you get another dog, he might then have a new companion to hang with.
That won't cure the urinating problem, but he might feel better with a new friend. Hope this helps, good luck.

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