What Does A Border Collie Rottweiler Mix Look Like?


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We believe my dog daisy is mixed with border collie. We know her mother is a Rottweiler. She has the markings and the wide head. Other than that she has the long nose of a collie, and her hair is not as long as a collie but way longer than a rottweiler, she's really beautiful. Her body is more filled out than a collie but not as beefy as a rottweiler. If there is a way to upload a picture of her on here let me know and I will do that for you. Hope I helped
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I recently picked up a pooch from the shelter who I believe is a Rottie/ Collie mix. He has the body and hair of a border collie but with rottweiler markings and a big rottie head. He's darling. Medium size dog. He even has the flowy collie tail. He does need a lot of grooming though, he tends to shed in clumps of black hair. But his coat is shiny and really soft to touch.
Personality wise- honestly, you couldn't ask for a better dog. We think Jack might have been abused at his past home and it took him a long time to warm up to us, but once he did he's the best companion. He's my other dog's best friend, and he is very well behaved and intelligent. He's very happy-go lucky and loyal- he never leaves my side esp at night. Very protective, but also very playful. Always so happy to see us come home... He prances and runs up and down the hall. Maybe he's just so happy to have a family who loves him. You can tell he really likes kids and wants to play with them, but still nervous of new people probably because of his background. Overall- great dog. Great personality and gorgeous breed.

Here are some pictures:
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Me and my fiancé got a puppy on September  13th, 2015. She is the absolute joy of my life. We don't have any children yet so I take a lot of pride in my fur baby. Lol. Anyways, who we got her from was a couple that had 3 adult dogs that were not well maintained. They had no clue what the puppies were breed wise. They said they were Austraian Shephard and Blue Heeler. I just never seen either one of those in her. I firmly believe she is a Rottweiler/Collie mix but I'm not for sure. She was born the first part of September 2015, so they say, and she just recently weighed in at 35 lbs.  Any thoughts?

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I have the same kind of a dog. Her mother is a Border Collie while her dad was the Rottweiler. If I had a picture I would post it on here. She has the body and head of a Rottweiler but her hair and markings look like a Border Collie. Except instead of just black and white, she has brown markings to. Hope I helped.
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Alisandra M Alvarez , This is Seraphina ... Her mother was a Black/White Border Collie and her father was a Rottweiler ... Out of the litter she is the only one t, answered

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This is what my Rot/Border looks like.. She take after a Rottweiler when it comes to looks. She has the coloring and the short hair of a Rottweiler, and the longer nose of the Border Collie. She only weighs about 75-80 lbs which is kind of the middle of the road between the 2 dog breed sizes.

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Like a border collie but larger and with short hair
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I have a three month old Rottie-Collie cross!

Attitude wise, we don't know yet cause she's very young. She is super energetic, loves to play, but loves to sleep and snuggle. She loooves long walk, very possessive, she won't leave my side even off leash at only three months! She won't wander, as soon as she sees I'm further away she panics and runs back to me. She is already house broken, she responds so sit and lay down. She has the rottie markings and big paws, although she has the collie snout and ears. She's so cute, she was a rescue. If some of you have older Collie/Rottie crosses, let me know how their character is!!


Here is a picture of Riley, our three month old little girl.

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This is "Po", my Rotty x Collie a couple years ago at about 7months old. At just over 2 yrs old he looks the same just a bit bigger at about 70lbs.

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While visiting my parents in Ireland a friend of theirs offered me a puppy as dogs don't really sell over there. The mother is a blue merle collie and the dad is the softest rottweiler I've ever met. Can't wait to get this lovely lady home in a few weeks...

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I believe my dog is also a border and rott mix. I just adopted her two months ago. She was abused so very timid around people, but not aggressive that I have witnessed yet. She has been so easy to train and very very loyal as well as protective of me. She can tell when I am startled and perks up, as if to make sure I am safe and be on the lookout. I am in love.

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