What Does A Rottweiler And And Pug Mix Look LiPr?


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Absolutely no way to say. You can try searching petfinder for any similar mixes. Otherwise visit the breed parent clubs and read up on the breeds to get an idea of any of the traits such a mix could possibly come up with as a mixed pup could take any combination of traits from both. Those breeds are very different in just about every way imaginable so would be incredibly hard to even guess any traits that may occur.
www.amrottclub.org www.pugs.org www.petfinder.com www.dogfoodanalysis.com
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I have a pug/rotweiler mix and he is the cutest ever. His mom was a pug and dad was a roti, mom had to have a c-section to get the puppies out but he is happy and healthy. My friend actually owns his brother too. He is about 50 lbs and tan colour. He has pug eyes but a longer nose and a mini roti body. Super cuddly like a pug but protective like a roti. All in all a great dog.

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