My Dog Has A Stye On Her. How Can I Get Rid Of It?


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While most styes will drain on their own, you can accelerate the process by the application of a hot or warm compress. There is also a Polysporin topical ointment available for this. With this treatment, it takes a week for the stye to flush out on it's own.

Do not lance the stye, as it is really close to the eye and can cause infection. Do not touch the stye much, and just use the compress to heat the area. The heat will cause the white blood cells to work much faster at getting rid of the problem.

If it is persistent, and not appearing to get better, take the dog to a vet and get the stye lanced. They will give you an antibiotic ointment.

If the stye bursts on its own, you must cleanse the wound to prevent reinfection. A good antibacterial cream can be used for this.
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I do not understand the question you need to be more specific.
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My dog has a sty on her bottom ridge of her lid.  It does not appear to bother her but it looks as if it needs to drain.  Should I place warm compresses on it or buy some ointment for it?

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