What Is The Dog Psychology Centre By Cesar Milan?


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The above answer is 90% false and I believe it was only made to try and mislead people about Cesar Milan and his dog psychology centre.  The only true statement is "dogs are given healthy meal and exercised regularly".  The centre, is not a place that sick or terminal dogs are brought to so they can die in peace.  The centre has 30-40 healthy dogs (Cesar's pack) of many breeds that help Cesar to rehabilitate dogs that have behavioural issues.
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The Dog Psychology Centre (DPC) is a shelter which was opened by Cesar Milan in order to give mental and physical rest to the dogs who are not going to be able to live for a long time. These dogs are usually owned by people who send it to this centre so that they can die in peace. Cesar Milan tries to make the dogs ease out and also tries to bring the energy back in the dogs. The dogs are given healthy meal and exercised regularly while they are still alive. Sick dogs visit the centre quite often as well and they go home healed and happy. The dogs that usually visit the centre are larger dogs such as pit bulls, Doberman, Rottweilers, German Shepherds and many more.

In the centre, Cesar changes the psychological mindset of the dogs and helps them find peace amongst themselves.

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