Which Dog Has A Black Tongue?


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The Chow Chow has a strange black tongue. It is thought to be the only dog breed to have this peculiar trait.

The Chow Chow is an ancient Chinese breed whose origins have been lost in the mists of antiquity. What is without doubt is that the Chow Chow descends from the Spitz variety of dog.

Unfortunately for the Chow, one of its original uses was as a food source in the Far East. Historians in the early 18th century recorded a black tongued dog being breed for food, but their name does not reflect this. The Chow Chow first appeared in the UK in 1780, its name being given to it by English sailors who used the phrase Chow Chow to describe cargo that was miscellaneous or with which they weren't familiar.

Although originally breed for their meat, Chow Chows were also used as guard dogs and for pulling carts.

They are medium sized dogs with short legs and a very thick coat that needs a lot of grooming.
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Chows and Sharpei's have characteristic blue-black tongues and blackish tongues may occur in dogs with black pigmented mouths.
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Erasers also have a blue tongue, because there is Chow chow in their ancestry. This is a relatively new breed, created about 60 years ago from a mix of Chow chow, Keeshond and Samoyed. They are now a breed in their own right and come o#in a variety of colours and markings.
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There are a few breeds that have black tongues but the Chow is the most popular breed that has a black tongue.

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