For A Cat Does A Wet Nose Mean He's Healthy Or Sick?


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As a general rule of thumb If a cat's nose is cold and wet it is healthy, If it's dry and warm, she/he might be ill. Unless it's really hot outside, in which case, the warmer weather is likely to have dried the dampness up so then don't worry about it.

If your cat has a cold of cat influenza however, it could have running eyes and a very wet nose, so it is important to look at your cats behaviour, how is it compared to normal?

There are other signs to suggest that your cat is poorly.

If your cat is in pain, as they cannot communicate this to us or even understand the pain themselves, they are likely to lash out at you by biting or scratching uncharacteristically.  So if this happens be on your guard.

Secondly, if your cat keeps going off to dark corners and wants to sleep and be left alone, then it would be best to take it to a vet to get a full diagnosis.  This can be difficult if they don't want to be touched and it seems that they are poorly, but you must remember that these are small creatures and cannot go without their food or drink for long at all.

If your cat has stopped eating and drinking, then he could just have toothache, but again it could be more serious, so take him/her off to the vets.

I have known cats to have  a perfectly damp nose but still be poorly, so Id concentrate on his or her behaviour, how it's changed,.

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My cat has a wet nose all the time so it is hard to say.  I can say I know when my cats are unwell just by their behavior, they don't eat, they have a tendency to be lethargic, while they are normally very sociable, they just want to be left alone, and if your normally outgoing cat starts hiding in a ball of clothes in the closet, THAT is a sign that your cat is very unwell,  and that you must do something--so checking noses is okay, but would you bet your pet's life on it? I wouldnt.

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