What Does It Mean When My Cat's Nose Turns White And Dry?


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What does it mean when a cat's nose is white?

This usually means that your cat is lacking hydration, which is a common problem if it is approaching old age. However, the color of a cat's nose will change from time to time anyway, and this is normal.

Although the whiteness and dryness of the nose is not usually something that should worry an owner, you probably should look out for other signs of weakness in your pet - such as unkempt fur, or less activity than normal.

If you're still concerned, or if your cat is showing other signs of weakness, then I would advise your to take your pet to the local veterinary practice as soon as possible. There they will be able to give your cat a more detailed and thorough examination.

  • The color of a cat's nose can change from time to time, especially after it has just woken up or after exercise. In these cases, the nose may also be drier than usual.
  • Temperature changes can also affect the color and wetness of your cat's nose.

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