My Chihuahua Ate A Chicken Bone - How Will It Affect Her?


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There's no reason to panic - the chances are that your Chihuahua will be just fine.

Whilst it's true that sharp chicken bones can cause damage to your dog's insides (even small shards can cause tears in the stomach) - it's more likely that your dog will simply poop out what's left of the bone.

My dog ate chicken bones
The danger with chicken bones (especially cooked ones) is that they can snap into sharp fragments which can scratch and rip your dog's insides.

The idea of this happening is obviously worrying - but there's usually no need to be concerned. Dogs often chow down on left-over BBQ ribs and KFC bones, and most of them live to tell the tale.

The things to look out for after your dog has eaten chicken bones are:

  • A change in behavior. This can be a sign that your dog is in pain.
  • Pain when passing a stool
  • Blood in the stool.
If you notice any of these symptoms, then it's very possible that your dog needs to see a vet for treatment. Otherwise, just try and keep the bones away from your puppy!
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Aedyn Emry answered
It may just pass through her tummy, or it could get stuck and tear or cause pain.

Watch her closely. If her mood changes (she becomes more moody/listless), if she's having trouble defecating, there's blood in here stool or if she's showing signs of pain, then take her to the vet.

Overfeed her a bit. The food acts as a cushion. Rice (cooled) works the best.

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