My Dog Ate Some Chicken Bones, Is There Anything I Should Do?


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Large dog may have no problems but a small dog will. The problem that you are looking for is if they cough. The bones get stuck and can rip the lining the the throat or stomach. Call a vet and ask. If never hurts to just call and ask. You won't get charged for the call.
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My dog is a chocolate lab. She ate a lot of chicken wings,so we called the vet and she said that we should give her bread to cote the stomach so that they bone does not get every where. I hope that helps!
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My dog ate a small steak bone and she cut up the inside of her intestines. The vet had me take her off her dog food and put her on cooked white rice only. She was having trouble going to the bathroom. If there's no symptoms then I would not do this.
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My has problems goin to the bathroom, but he seems fine, he's barking, running around playing. It jus when i take him out to do #2, he looks and finds a spot and he goes to work, but nothing comes out jus lil drops only come out. I ask vet and she recommended that i give her cannned pumpkin, it should help him. After i gave him the pumpkin he still cant go, should i get him checked or something

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