My New 6 Week Old Lab Puppy Is Scratching Mostly The Neck, But Not The Ears, With No Discomfort. Normal Or Did I Not See Fleas? Treatment For Puppies?


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I would mention it to the vet since you're going to be there a lot and often the next several months (shots and dewormings and puppies catch things a lot). A pup really should still be with their mom still. There could be several reasons for this. New collar when they've never had one before, there could actually be fleas, allergies (sometimes to fleas), mange, sensitivity to protein (or other things in food amounting to allergies), and there is even a spinal disease that 'neck' scratching is a symptom of called Syringomyelia. In fact, it is often referred to as 'the neck scratching disease'. At six weeks it's most likely one of the simpler explanations like the collar, fleas, allergies, or new environment but I'd mention it when I go for my vet visit. Good luck and have fun!

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