How Much Wormer Do You Give A Puppy Or Dog?


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For a 10pound dog how much dewormer should you get
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What is it for, what are you wanting to give and how much do your dog's weigh and what breed are they? I think you should really talk to your vet. Overdosing your dog on something like that can kill them and it's not pretty. Using OTC dewormers have a high incidence of illness (as in life threatening emergency) and death even when used on label but more so when used off. Different parasites also require different medicines so you need to be sure whatever you are using is effective (OTC are effective on mainly one common one).Some dewormers will kill certain breeds and the others have a risk attached. In the end it's often much cheaper to go to your vet, have the parasite properly diagnosed and have them prescribe the appropriate med in the appropriate dosage for your dog. It is inexpensive in general and far less than the emergency's resulting in giving your dog something that you don't understand or allowing a parasite infestation to become out of control and risk their life.

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