Can A Cat Dragging His Hind Quarters Has A Broken Back?


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We have a feral cat that we have been caring for several years. She just had 2 kittens but seems to be real sluggish and her hip bones are appearing thinner. The kittens are 10 weeks old. She seemed to be ok the last several weeks but seems to not be moving a lot. Can you tell me what possible issues she could have?
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Yes, and many other things can be wrong too, it could be bleeding internally. I would get the cat to the vet right away. Poor thing is suffering, and they can't tell you how much pain they are in. Good luck.
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  Yes. Or a tumor, or a brain injury, or a spine injury, or a leg injury, or one of many other possibilities.

  It's illegal not to get a pet like this checked by a vet immediately. Don't wait.

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