My Cat Chews Her Tail, Could You Tell Me What Causes Her To Do This?


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Have your cat examined by a veterinarian-there are medical and behavioral causes for self-mutilation.
Parasites-like fleas, ticks, or mites, ringworm, a wound, allergies, or a metabolic disease can lead to overgrooming/self-mutilation.  Your veterinarian will do several skin and blood tests if appropriate to find the underlying cause and then treat it!
Obsessive-compulsive issues, anxiety, or stress can lead to overgrooming behaviors.  Alleviating causes of stress can help.  Some cats need behavior modifying medication to stop overgrooming.
Good Luck!
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If the cat nibbles on it for about 30 seconds and goes back to what she was doing before but maybe a while later she goes back to nibbleing, she might have fleas or a small tick stuck there and she is trying to get it out or it could be a rash.
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Maybe a rash or tick
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My cat got her tail stuck in the door and pulled  now all the fur is gone and it looks like a possums tail  the last 6 inches  do I need to get  her tail cut off or wil the hair grow back

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