My 15 Week Old Aussie Bulldog Has Sores On Her Face. The Skin Is Red And The Sores Have Scabs And Are Bleeding. Its Over Her Cheeks And Under Her Mouth As Well. She Also Has Bumps That Look Like Black Pimples? We Have Had Her For 1 Week


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This sounds like a mite infestation take her to a vet as soon as you can
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You do need to see the vet. Skin scrape to confirm, Talk to them about interceptor or ivomec type treatment (and a good diet is always a benefit, should be 5 or 6 star rated), you may need to add an antibiotic as there is a possibility of secondary bacterial infection, I'd guess demodex. Age, breed, and stress (change in environment) all make it VERY likely your pup is having an outbreak. Did your breeder mention Demodex to you? They should be there to answer questions as well as with a breed like this have you expecting an outbreak of demodex (not covered under any guarantee's usually in and of itself). It's wise to expect with a Bulldog breed and at this point almost considered par for the course. Hopefully your vet is experienced with Bully breeds and won't overly alarm you either. There is a possibility of allergy or infection or even sarcoptic,  but you'll need to confirm whatever it is anyhow. If you have questions or need some support with your Bully you can contact this lady. She's always willing to talk Bulldog, her's or not and these guy's foundation seems to be the Bulldog if it's what I pulled up though you never know lately. I also included a link to a page about demodex as well as a food analysis site. Good luck to you.

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