What Would Cause Extreme Lethargy, Occasional Vomiting, And The Whites Of His Eyes To Be Red?


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The eyes could be red because of an allergic reaction to something in
the atmosphere, dust, pollen. Give the dog Benadryl (1 mg per lb of
weight) three times a day for 24 hours to see if he gets better.Also, get saline solution and clean the eyes with this every 3 hours to clean anything that is irritating the eye.

You can treat your dog at home, but if the dog does not get better in 48 hours, you need to get it to your local vet. It's possible that the dog has eaten something that is causing the vomiting, and the vomiting is causing dehydration which is making it lethargic.

For treatment, withhold food and water for 8 hours. At the end of this time, if the dog is not vomiting anymore, start giving it water (a few tablespoons at a time) and continue to offer water to make sure the dog does not get dehydrated. After 12 hours, start giving the dog bland food. This can include boiled chicken and boiled rice in small quantities a few times a day. Over 24 hours, return to normal food, but if the lethargy, red eyes and vomiting continues, go to a local vet.

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