How Do I Get Rid Of Rats?


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The first and foremost precaution that I would like to recommend you to get rid of rats is that you should maintain cleanliness in your house, if you do that , you will hardly find any rat in your home as they come to have food only. You should also maintain that every corner of your house is well-aired and well-lighted also so that they can not get a room for them to hide. If you still find that rats are there in your house, I can suggest you an avenue by visiting which you can find the solution to get rid of rats.
The avenue is a website that is being operated by a company that is in the business of providing deterrents and traps to make sure that rats do not create havoc in your house. The address of the website is following: You can visit the website and order the product that can help you to get rid of rats.
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Rats eat the same food we, or our pets, do so the best way to avoid the rat problem is to keep them out of your house by not feeding them. It is advisable to keep garbage cans and lids closed tightly. Do not leave pet food or other rubbish outside of your house and keep all food stored in basement or cupboards containerised. If you see signs (droppings) of a rat it is time to act. The best way to kill a rat is a trap. The way to use a trap is to bait it with a piece of food, such as an apple or a piece of cheese. Attach the trap firmly to the ground to avoid the rat dragging the trap away. Place the trap to near where you found the droppings. Take care that pets or children do not have access to the trap. Poisons are not recommended, because they pose a higher danger to pets and children and the mouse can also die in a hard to reach places causing a very bad smell. Dead rats and mice must first be wrapped in a news paper of a plastic bag before placing in a tightly closed bin. Do not touch rats with your bare hands and rather use plastic gloves. Even when you use plastic gloves, remember to wash your hands afterwards and dispose of the gloves.
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Try leaving rat traps or putting something poisonous on some food and putting it down for them to eat, but don't let kids get a hold to it.
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Rats are huge problem and definitely need to be dealt with.

But I'd suggest staying away form rat poison. First of all, it's incredibly cruel. It can take a mouse up to 4 days to die after ingesting poison, during which time it may crawl and die somewhere you won't be able to find it. Not to mention, that rats are getting more and more resistant to poison.

So, I'd suggest a more humane and effective way. I know a company in Greater London area, PMP Pest ( ) that uses Jack Russel terriers and special traps. That seems like the best way to go...

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