Nasty Smell In Floor-boards - How Do I Know If It Is The Smell Of A Dead Rat Without Ripping Up The Floor Boards, And What Can I Do To Get Rid Of The Smell?


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You don't need to rip up all the floorboards, if you can locate the exact centre of the smell you'll be able to go direct to the problem.

Getting rid of the smell is easy enough, any scent can do it for a while. Better to get rid of the thing making the smell, so that it doesn't keep on coming back to haunt you.

However, it is best to check thoroughly as it might not be simply a dead rat. You might have dampness under or in the floorboards which leads to mold and potential illnesses for all the family.
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It would be advisable to locate exactly where the smell is coming from. Do you know if the floor is located on top of any pipes? Some sort of drainage problem might have arisen?
Is the floor on the ground floor and also is it near plumbing?

You could consider getting in a pest control agency to see if they recognise the smell - they can spot a dead rat !

It could be that previous owners put the floor down over a pre-existing problem. Think about calling in a builder to give you advice as they will be able to advise on the location of pipes, plumming, drainage etc.
Seek expert advice before you consider pulling up boards. It is possible that a pipe may be leaking under the floor.

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