How Do I Get Rid Of Skunks?


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I had the same problem and my father advised for me to use the fertilizer called "bone and blood meal". You can get it at any garden store. I started with cayenne pepper but that only lasted until it rained. After I sprinkled the lawn with the bone and blood meal they haven't returned. They hate the smell of it -- and it's good for your grass!
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You can try moth balls. These are toxic to cats and dogs so be careful with them by burying them. Most animals can't stand the fumes.
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I had a friend that used to go to the local hunting department and buy some kind of pheromones. A drop on a tag of rag or on a Popsicle stick stuck into the ground in the area ran them off.
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Well without killing them and without trapping them your lawn is a lost cause. Trapping them is the best way., just make sure when or if you do you walk to the trap very carefully with a cloth reaching down to the feet. Drape the cloth over the trap, and walk away, placing them into a open aired truck and whisk them away for a couple of miles. Place the trap down, remove the cover carefully !!!! And turn the trap over to release the trap doors. Hope this helps.

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