How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Home?


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The best way with the use of which you can get rid of field mice is to use carbonated soda. What you are required to do is to have sweet, carbonated soda in an utensil and place it at the place where you think that mice drink the soda. When the mice drink the soda the carbonization of it will kill the mice and with the use of it your children will also be safe. If you use any kind of poison it is certainly detrimental to the health of kids that are living in your house or even if you have no kids they can come from neighbourhood as a field always attracts kids.

If you want you can use poison also to get rid of them and also some kind of traps but what I have suggested to you is the safest I have found. If you find something safer than this you are also welcome to share your views.
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Once you have mice in your house you have a problem - but not one that cannot be over come. You can employ the services of a hungry cat, a mouse trap or you can use a more humane trap such as a plug in high pitched siren.

Let's start with the cat - they can only eat so many mice in one sitting and they do tend to leave entrails on the floor when eating them (not nice I know, but true!) Next is a mouse trap. Be careful when setting them as they tend to hurt when they snap. It's best to load them up with chocolate not cheese, and it's best to smear them with a chocolate spread not chunks of chocolate! Place them along the skirting board but be warned mice soon learn to jump over them, so place two or three in a row to catch the beggars!

Finally the sonic plug-in things are very good at chasing the mice away. They emit a really high squeak that mice hate but humans can't hear. They don't permanently hurt the mice and just encourage them to stay away. Once they are gone, block up all holes to the outside of the home except air bricks and ventilation shafts etc. Then just be vigilant and keep all food stuffs in plastic sealed containers away from the mice.
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Look for a place where they made a nest (usually someplace there's paper, plastic, boxes anything they can be warm in), clean it out or get rid of it.  Then find every single dime sized hole and stuff it with steel wool so that mice can't bite through it, also flat glue traps work to capture the mice trapped inside afterwords, just get about 30 to outline the walls.
I have a small dog so have to be careful what I use.
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To get rid of mice in homes, there are various steps that are to be undertaken. First you need to stack the fire wood about 18 inches off the ground and that should be kept away from the buildings. You should always keep the dustbins covered. You need to keep cleanliness of your yards and alleys. You should never compost any animal products as they feed the rats. Rats normally live in the small holes. Use the rodent resistant composters. These should be kept near all the openings that are there in the house. The rats should be wrapped properly once they are dead and thrown away from the house. They should never be killed with toxic pesticides.
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Best electronic mouse traps available in the USA are often made abroad. Now that's a fact for you!

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A little Home Remedy that I've picked up :) If you plant mint around your house it keeps them away also you can use peppermint oil and soak a cotton ball leave those around the house especially if you know where there popping out of.
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You can also get a cat they will kill the mice but then if they decide they don't want to eat them they will just leave them lay and then you have to pick them up.
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Getting rid of mice is quite easy. The first advice by anyone would be to get help of an exterminator. The exterminator will do a great job of getting rid of the mice for a long period of time. The exterminator will not only eliminate the existing mice but will also stop the reproduction of mice. The exterminator will fumigate the house, which means he will fill the house with rat poison and the mice will leave the house after smelling the poison. The mice will die after a few days. The other way of getting rid of mice is to buy rat poison from the market and spread it all over the house. This is more of an affordable but it can create a lot of mess and cleaning.

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