How Big Are Rats?


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A rat is a medium-sized rodent. The bodies of rats are generally longer than twelve centimetres, which is approximately five inches. Rats are usually larger in size than their close relatives, the Old World mice. The average weight of a rat is no more than one pound or half a kilo. They are approximately the same size as squirrels.

When zoologists talk about true rats, they are generally referring to black rats and brown rats. These two species of true rats belong to the genus which is known as Rattus. The scientific name of the black rat is Rattus rattus and the scientific name of the brown rat is Rattus norvegicus.

Rats normally live for a period of between two years and five years, though their approximate life span is a period of three years.
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The size of a rat is small or extreme size.In 1987 a giant pouch rat the size of a small dog in Mississippi was spotted in a mans yard named James, Harbert.He discover that no rat could be that size.Then the population of giant rats began to spread through out the world.In 2009 a kid named Joseph Alvey found a rat skull in Indiana at hes papas.
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They can become 6 to 8 inches big.
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A pet rat could easily be the size of an 7 month kitten. A sewer rat can be the size of a 2 year old cat at the most. Other rats vary on breed, but most pet rats don't get bigger than a kitten. Every now and then small or large rats come and go. It is impossible for a normal rat, any kind, to be bigger than a small poodle.
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Not very big just about medium and they can be hold with ease.
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Depends on the's type, and what it's been eating.  Excluding the tail...from 5-9 inches.
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The common rats with which most of us are familiar can grow to the size of an average family cat.  Hard to believe?  Go to Chicago and meet what Chicago dubbed, "Super Rat".  The super rat came about mostly do to genetic changes caused by the various poisons used in trying to control their population.  In Chicago, as in most cities, I'm sure, these rats have become such a threat that signs are actually posted on or near condemned buildings, warning people against seeking shelter in them, advising them that super rats could very well inhabit said premises, and that staying in them could be fatal.

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