Should wild animals be captured and made to perform tricks in circuses? Anne the elephant suffered many years of beatings before going to longleat .


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No animal should be caged or ill treated that poor elephant what a miserable life I don't even agree with caged birds especialy parrots,
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No! If they are being placed in a santuary to nurture back to health or help repopulate an endangered species that is one thing. But to be forced to perform for someones profit and taken out of their own natural habitat is aweful and no like for these animals. I have never paid to see a circus in my life and I have no intentions on going to one for the simple fact of how these animals are treated.
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NO !      Pure and simple.
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Nope, because they are meant to live in the wild, not perform in the circus.
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Why would you even ask that???!!!
No they shouldent, animals must be free and wild, so please do not go to the curcase!
You are helping them to capture more and more animals and put them into  tiny cages that they can't even walk in!
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Because they make money, its wrong but its what them people do
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No wild animals should not be captured and made to do tricks for circuses. That is usually not the case anyways with circus animals. Most if not all of the animals are bred in captivity, and raised within the circus, so that they are used to the sights and sounds and they are not likely to freak out and go on some sort of rampage.
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If they are treated properly and tended to by certified and capable veterinary staff and well fed. The animal is better off than in the wild.
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Eleanor jones
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Ks for ans. I think wild should stay wild and the many times of mistreatment are not worth the risk. I also think that abuse of animals often goes side by side with vested interests.
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But none can catch the legendary black tiger , he is fast , smart and now a days he is kind of cute too

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