Do Wild Animals Go Crazy In Captivity?


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That depends on your definition of crazy, but, if they aren't properly stimulated and exercised, then yes (at least by my definition). Wild animals are more prone because they are used to far more exercise and stimulation than they can get in captivity, usually. Some go utterly crazy and have to be relocated, released back into the wild or put down, but most just display signs of neurotic behavior due to lack of enrichment (or, in layman terms, boredom). This is especially true of wild animals kept (or attempted to be kept) as pets by people who are not educated on the proper ways to do this.

Elephants will sway their head side to side (although sometimes this is a body gesture/communication) and bears will too. Some animals will pace constantly. Even house cats and dogs will do crazy things when they are not stimulated or exercised enough, like spin, chase their tails, bark incessantly, and generally "act-out."
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Great answer. Less typing for me. :-). Did I get it or do I need to keep thinking? Baboon is what I was referring to without trying to ruin the guessing for anyone else. I'm dying over here, lol.
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Depends what type and what sex and even what type of blood they are like warm or cold blooded.. Usually yes like a bourse or bore it all depends!!
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Many do, this is mainly due to reasons as N8chrfan has stated. It is extremely common (as in pretty much always at some point) in primates as they begin to mature when people attempt to keep them as 'pets' and they display neurosis and self mutilation and extreme aggression and things. Also happens with big cats and many other exotics when people attempt to keep them. As a truly remarkable person who has dedicated her life to helping these animals (first link, lol) is known to say: " You can take the animal out of the wild but you can't take the wild out of the animal". Unfortunately, it is something most people don't understand.
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So true. I find it difficult to believe that people are really that unaware because they DON'T UNDERSTAND. I find it easier to accept that they WON'T BELIEVE so they can ease their conscience. We've all experienced being couped up, either from being grounded as a kid or snowed in as an adult or been couped up in whatever mode of transportation we were traveling in on a long trip. When the snow or punishment is over or we arrive at our destination, we have ants in our pants to go and be free!

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