Why Is It Cruel To Keep Animals In Cages?


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The easiest way to answer this question is to turn it around and ask you if you would think it was cruel if you were kept in a cage, and if so, why would that be? It is cruel to keep animals in cages because it inhibits their freedom and does not allow them to behave naturally.

Obviously, some pets need to be kept in cages for their own safety, such as hamsters, but they should be allowed to come out of their cage on a regular basis so that they can get some proper exercise (running round on a wheel is not enough), and so they can experience something different.

Often though, people will get a pet like a rabbit with every good intention of looking after it properly, but often they get bored and the rabbit gets forgotten. This means that instead of having an interesting and active life, they are cooped up in a cage that is much too small for them for the rest of their lives. The cruelty of this is that rabbits are very intelligent and this boredom is torture for them.

Other culprits for keeping animals in cages are zoos, although some of them are trying harder to make habitats more like the natural ones. There have been a number of arguments to support zoos, including the preservation of particular species and educating people about the animals.

Educating people may be an admirable objective, but it is also selfish. If someone wants to see the many wonderful animals that there are in the world, then they can go and look at them in their natural habitat, not cooped up in a tiny compound. Naturally, if this were the general rule, then the majority of us would never get to see a lion, or an elephant or any of the other animals, except on TV, but so what? Why should these animals be imprisoned for our gratification?

If that sounds a little melodramatic, consider this: A lion’s natural territory in the wild can cover 40 square miles. However big a compound is, it will never match that.
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To lock an animal in acage is inhumane like if you were in acage how would you feel? For if you were locked in your house and you couldn't choose when you were going to eat you had somebody else decide what you'd eat and when how would you feel and if you couldn't go any where if your movements were restricted you wouldn't feel very good would you? You'd feel sad and depressed its cruel to keep animals in cages because they can't eat when thaey want to they can't go for a wander if they want to and just like people animals can get depressed to animals do have feelings I understand if the cage is big and roomy at least enough so that the animal can explore a little and go for a walk basically so that the animal has at least a little freedom but you can decide yourself wether you think cages are cruel thats just my opinion.
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Because it restrains them. It cuts down their space and therefore their natural movements. Animals were not meant to be kept in cages. It is stressful and wrong. Animals should be allowed to live their lives as naturally as possible, unfettered unchained and free.   Humans are happy that way and so are animals.
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Just imagine if someone kept us in cage how should we feel. Everyone has the right of freedom even animals.
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the hamter thing is that it is just teething and needs to chew on something, just go buy it something to chew on instead of the cage either that or it needs freedom and is just bored

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