Why Should Animals Be Kept In The Wild?


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Because if they leave the wild at birth if realized they wont be able to don anything for them selfes
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If they started off in the wild, then that's where they're supposed to be. If they were meant to be household animals then they wouldn't have been born in the wild.
I realize that over the years people have domesticated certain species of animals (wolves=dogs, horses, etc), but even the domesticated animals have been known to act on their natural instincts and hurt or even kill humans or other animals. I'm not saying don't get a puppy or kitten or whatever, but I AM saying that you shouldn't take a wild animal straight from its habitat and try to tame it just for the purpose of having it as a pet.
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Animals that were born wild,
animals born into captivity would die in the wild!!!
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I live around many wild animals in the mountains of PA.  Unless they are injured ( call a professional) wild animals do not function well indoors.  Nature provides everything they need to live long happy lives.  Besides some small little cute grey squieerl got in my house and he wrecked a lot of stuff.  I needed heavy gloves and a fishing net to get him...about an hour later.  They have sharp theeth and claws.

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