Anybody Know Of A Doberman Pinscher Breeder With Puppies For Sale In/near Wisconsin?


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Mary Ehlmann answered
So sorry about your dog.  I am sure that she had a great life loved by your family and is at peace now.  I found a breeder in wisc for you here:  They do not spin out tons of pups but would have a quality dog for you when available.  I personally would suggest trying out another breed if you cannot find one easily or at least thinking of one. As you know- none will ever replace your former. The great dog story writer James Thurber had a variety of dogs in his life and all were great.  I am also sure there is one pup out there that is waiting for your love.
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Hi Chris, I am a Doberman, foster mom for Doberman Rescue and a lover of the breed. Have you considered a rescue Dobe? You can find Doberman Rescues on the Internet. Best of luck in your search.
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Oh my god! I am so like lookin 4 a dobie 2! I also found 2 other sites besides fayek dobies(I mite get a dobie frum there 2!). They r and Hope I helped....

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