Can You Get Ringworm From A Hamster?


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Yes, you certainly can - so handle an infected hamster with extreme care!

Despite the name "ringworm", this infection is not caused by worms at all. It's caused by fungus, and hence can be easily transferred from pet to pet, from pet to human, and even from human to pet.

Your local veterinary practice should be able to supply you with anti-fungus drops that you can apply to your hamster's skin. These drops should be able to deal with the infection quickly.

How to get rid of ringworm in hamsters?
  • Not all hamsters with ringworm experience hair loss, but generally this is a sign of the disease.
  • Usually this kind of fungal infection is transferred through contaminated bedding, or by other objects that the hamster may come into close contact with.
  • Usually a professional vet can quickly determine if your hamster has ringworm. They can establish this by conducting tests on your pet, or even by shining an ultra-violet light on the area in question.
  • If you are worried about getting ringworm from an infected pet hamster, then avoid handling it, and take it to the local vet.
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Yes you can get ringworm from a hamster.

You can get rid of it on the hamster by dabbing a tiny bit of anti-fungal cream on it several times a day. Wash the spot before each re-application.

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