Why Does My Hamster Keep Escaping From Its Cage?


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Hamsters usually escape their cage when they're feeling threatened by something in the cage, or if it's not roomy enough. Oddly enough, my hamster escaped this morning. All I had to do was clean her cage and put her wheel back in and she was content again. I suggest putting a wheel in if you don't have one. Using the wheel can reduce stress and the need to escape! Also, try changing it's food if it's biting its cage and take it out of it's cage a little more. I've learned that the more you socialize with them, the happier they seem to be. This also depends on the hamster. My Russian Dwarf was very shy at first, and would always attempt escape, but then she and I bonded, and she tried less and less. Teddy Bear hamsters are extremely sociable if by themselves, and usually crave attention. So, try those things. If it doesn't stop, then you need a new cage. Good luck!
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Is the cage too small?  Whenever my hamster tried to escape, it was mainly because she was bored and had nothing to do.  So make sure you provide your hamster with a lot of things to do so they won't get bored.

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