How Do You Know If Your Hamster Has Mites?


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If you Syrian Hamster has mites, then it might be scratching itself, rubbing itself on things in the cage or even shaking like a dog does when the dog is wet. A way to get rid mites is to buy some pipettes from your local pet shop or the vet and squeeze the medicine in the pipettes onto your hamsters neck. The pipettes are normally around 3 pounds and the treatment lasts around up to 4 weeks until you will have to repeat it again. Don't forget, mites will not just be living in your hamsters fur, they will also be around the cage in bedding and food and so on. At the same time you treat your hamster, clean your cage out and change all bedding and floor covering. Don't forget to change your hamsters dry food and water everyday and feed them fresh fruit or vegetables each evening. You might need to keep topping up their water if they drink it all.
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You might see them around the cage, on the wood chips, and the food dish. Pay attention to see if maybe the hamster is scratching a lot also. If this is the case, then you might have mites on the hamster. Hope this helps.

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