What If My Puppy Has Worms What Would Be The Symptoms?


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It will poop a lot uncontrollably, and there would likely be worms in the poop and a bloated belly.
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As she stated above but if it has been going on for a while you puppy will be skinny but a bloated belly. Puppies has big rounded bellies normally but the rest of there bodies will be healthy if things are normal but if it has worms you might note the ribs bones and other bones will be easily seen. They will also get weak and not very playful. Take your puppy to the vet with some of his poop in a bag with you and they will examine it to see if your puppy has worms and start him on treatment. Best to bring fresh stool if possible. Hope this helps.
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She will also eat and not gain weight but always be very hungry, she will have a bloated belly but be haunched in behind her belly by her back legs. She might be either very restless or the opposite very listless. She will eventually vomit up some worms! She will have loose stools. You should always worm  your dog any way and do it again in about two weeks to get rid of the eggs that was missed.a dog with worms is not healthy get her to a vet and bring a stool sample don't put it off if you knew how many eggs just one worm produces you would be sick just as your dog will be it runs in the thousands per day!...Genaveve
The dog would be rubbing its behind every where and you would see it in the poop
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If it is will have anemia (you'll notice its gums aren't really pink), and bloody or black stool, and be very lethargic.

Heartworms...fainting spells, difficulty breathing, and an extended abdomen.

Other worms are unlikely to kill your dog.  Taking it to the vet to get checked would solve the problem if it is at least hookworms.  Heartworms, even getting the treatment wouldn't be certain.

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