What Is The Smallest Dog Ever?


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According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the smallest dog is the world was a Yorkshire terrier named Whitney from England. On November 26, 2002, Whitney measured a mere three inches tall (that is, from the ground to his shoulders) and was only nine-and-a-half inches long (that is, from the tip of his nose to his tail). The proud owners of the world's smallest dog, Whitney, are an English couple named Christopher and Patricia Sheridan. They are residents of Shoeburyness in the county of Essex in the United Kingdom.

The current record, however, is held by another tiny Yorkshire terrier. He hails from Blackburn, England, and at the age of two, this fully grown dog weighed a remarkable four ounces and was 2½ inches tall and 3¼ inches long. He was approximately the size of a box of wooden matches.
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The world's smallest dogs by height and length areHeight: Danka Kordak Slovakia, a long haired chihuahua measuring 13.8cm by 18.8cmLength: Heaven Sent Brandy, a chihuahua measuring 15.2cm

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  The tiniest dog in the world is perhaps the Maltese. An Adult Maltese can weigh between 1.4 to 4.5 kg. Their bodies are very small with heights equal to that of the length. This dog is quite pretty, comes in light colors of either shiny white or cream. They have light colored ears which are sometimes lemon colored by white ears are more preferred. The most desirable Maltese is a fully white one. Their bodies are fully covered with long, silky hair but they do not have an undercoat. Sometimes the hair could be curly or woolly but this is non-standard. Their heads are slightly rounded they generally have a black nose. The eyes of the Maltese are very dark and sometimes they have a pigmented halo around them. These features make the eyes look extremely expressive.

  Although they are so tiny, they are quite intrepid in nature and would bark at a stranger quite ferociously. They have a lot of energy. They frequently go wild and show a lot of physical activity such as running in circles to chase their tails. They can also run straight at great speed for a little distance. They also like to play and have a good nature. Sometimes they may show their intolerance if they are irritated.
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I think its a teacup chi.
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The smallest dog ever recorded was a chihuahua named tiny Dancer. That dog weighs 18 oz full grown.

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