What Is Good Dog Food For Husky Malamute?


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I would recommend a product either dry kibble or wet canned food that is high quality and all natural. Most supermarket brands are not made with all natural products and most will cause a dog to become overweight. The ingredients in the cheaper brands would shock you to say the least. For instance meat by-products can be anything from roadkill to chicken beaks and feet and believe it or not even dogs and cats that have been euthanized! I suggest you do a little research on the internet and you will see for yourself what I am saying is true. Best to buy at a super pet store like Petco or similar stores which offer a great selection of high quality all natural foods. My personal best dry food brand is called Blue Buffalo which is rated as one of the best dog foods on the market for all breeds! My springer at 8 years old had many benign lumps on his body and after being convinced to buy a good quality food I bought Blue Buffalo senior mix and after 3 months most of my dogs growths shrunk or disappeared! The price was well worth the money!
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I have two cats and I can't find the right food for them. Some of them always have some problems, or allergies, or some kind of irritation, and sometimes they just don’t want to eat. So I found a way out, here is dog food — . This food is great for my animals and every time they come home they wait until I finally give them this food.

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