Will My Dog Be Going Into Labor Soon,she Is Leaking Milk From Her Nipples?


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It is not necessary that your dog is going to deliver very soon because she has started producing milk. It can take 1-10 days after milk production to give birth. In some dogs, milk is produced after the delivery. So, you should wait for signs of labor in your dog or you should take her to vet to get abdominal ultrasound that can give you following information.
  1. Expected date of delivery
  2. Possible litter size
  3. Birth defects
It will be more better to get help from the vet for whelping because delivery in dogs can be complicated.
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Usually, it can take 7-10 days after milk production in dogs to deliver puppies. But there is no hard and fast rule for this. In some dogs, milk is produced 2,3,or 4 days before delivery while in some other dogs milk is produced even after the delivery of the puppies.

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