Why do people want children if pets are easier to care for?


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I don't know :/ I can't even keep a freakin cactus plant alive... Well this is whack. Everything  is whack .. The word of the day is whack.

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Not everybody does!

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Jaimie  JT
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I know you are.... I just hate being cornered .. We were supposed to go away this weekend but we didn't because his family wanted us there and I was good about it ( after I lost it ) and now the whole baby pressure thing ... I'm not old but I'm too old for that crap and I don't even know if I want him for more than just companionship anyway .. Men are to clingy and I don't even want a cactus let alone a baby and I want to scream.
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Jaimie, if you don't want kids, don't be pressured into it....there's no "rule" saying you have to have them.
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I know Angela , thank you ... I'm just having a day and venting. I was expecting a nice day and chocolate !!! :p sorry vent
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I can tell you're young by your question and how you spelled easier. But I'd understand what you mean. The thing is, when you're older, it will give you a different point of view. When you have a child, you (Assuming it's your own biological child) have your own life, creation, that you get to care for and love and nurture to become another human being. Although pets can be similar in some ways, a child is a whole other level. You don't understand the bond of a child and her/his parent without being in there place. And it is a very irreplaceable bond. YOU made a unique human. That's the best way I can explain it, all I can say is it's very special and nothing is like having a child, whether adopted or not, to raise.

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Pets and children are not typically compared to one another when the decision to bring another living being into the household is being made.

The motivations for wanting a pet and a child are usually (hopefully) quite different.

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I love animals and care for cats and dogs which live in my yard. And I also want children, although the animals occupy a lot of energy, feelings of love and care for themselves.
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I was taught that the family created for truly cosiness, understanding, and growth (not just children). Parent is also evolving: learning not to nitpick, to care without compensation, to understand your child and more. Parenthood is not just a nice fun, this is not the way to get rid of loneliness. To create a family (and to adopt) is to be happy inside, full, so the ability to share wisdom, knowledge, tenderness free.
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I agree that the family unit should be creative, not just generative (producing offspring).

I'm not really sure what point you are trying to make in your second comment.

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