Can Pigs Make Good Pets?


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Pot bellied pigs can make great pets. They can be taught to walk on a leash like a dog. Some have even learned to act like a guard dog and protect their owners when they are in danger. I read of a pot bellied pig who saw its owner having a heart attack and ran in and out of the dog flap for twenty minutes. It was scraping its belly each time it went through. The pig would come through check on the owner then it would go out and lay by the side of the road and play dead pig to try to get somebody's attention. It finally got someone to follow it to the house were the person found the owner having a heart attack and got them help. The pig actually saved the persons life. They can be great stress relievers because they act so funny sometimes and you get laughing at them. People who I have talked to who own pot bellied pigs have said that they help to relieve most of their stress because they just love to be petted and this is a great stress reliever.
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Pigs are often known to be smelly animals that spend all their time rolling in the mud. They are also known to be pretty nasty at times and it is said that if you fall in to a pig pen when they are hungry, they will eat you alive. While it is true that they can cause damage if you do fall in with them, it is extremely rare for that damage to be fatal.

There is actually a reason why pigs roll in the mud too, and that is because when the mud dries on their skin, it repels flies. As they do not have a thick coat, this is essential for their own comfort.

Some pigs make better pets than others. The pot bellied pig for example can make an excellent pet though you should only get one if you have a bit of land to keep it on. It isn't fair for any large outdoor animal to be kept in a small house. They are extremely intelligent and they can even be affectionate. Overall they can make good pets as long as you do your research, you have the space for them and you provide them with plenty to do.
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The answer to this question is yes and no. In this case, it is better to ask the question; do you make a good owner for a pot belly pig?

A pot belly pig is a lot of work. They make good pets because they are easy to train and they are intelligent. However, many people buy them when they are babies and they do not realize how big they will get. As a baby, they can weight about 3-5 pounds which is similar to a dog. However, a year later, the pig can weight more than 100 to 150 pounds. They can either be kept in the house or outside. However, when they get bigger, they are harder to keep in the house because they will require a lot of room. Pot belly pigs will east just about anything. However, the more you feed it, the bigger it will become.

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