Do You Think Cats Can Understand You?


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AS well as simple commands and word recognition, I think cats have a great intuitive understanding, as do many animals.
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I believe domesticated cats understand basic "training" words but that's about it. I think dogs understand more than cats do about us. I think they can tell if we're not feeling well sometimes.

Cats are self-serving while humans are always looking for that special bond. I love cats but if I wanted closer companionship I would get a dog.
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Hi faydra!
With all due respect, I believe that domesticated cats understand more words than what we give them credit for. Dogs seem to be quite empathetic with their human companions and I believe that a dog is certainly more loyal than a cat is. I think that quite a few dogs will lie on the grave of their human companion and mourn them, while not eating. A cat may sniff clothes or blankets within the nice warm confines of the house. It may "nap" on their favorite human's blanket or pillow, but when it's din-din time, look out! There better be food in that dish! Yes, cats seem more self-serving, yet I have to say that just today, after I found out some sad news re: my cousin's health, my cat, Molly, slowly stared at me, while all the way walking toward me. She literally licked tears, salty tears off my face. Was she interested in smelling and then tasting my salty tears? Or was there more to it? I don't know. But she did lay down by my face, didn't lick my face any more, and she fell asleep with her sweet furry face close to my face. I could be wrong, but I'd like to believe that Molly "felt" a bit of empathy for me and decided to just sit with me. :) I had a dog many years ago called Jesse, and that dog was the most loyal sweetheart our family had. I must agree that dogs bond much faster to humans, for sure. Thank-you.
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I think that cats cannot understand your words but they maybe can get your motion.
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I don't know. I'd like to think kitty understood at least a little of what I say when I'm talking to myself/her. I doubt that they truly understand much... Just a few basic words in training. My kitty would come when I called her or whistled, and she understood the word treat, but beyond that, I doubt she had much grasp of the English language. Lol. I always thought that it was interesting though, that she would come running if she heard me crying, and would nuzzle me when I was sad... Almost as if she knew...
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I did talk to my cat! He was lonely and i sat next to him. Then i told him i was going to play on the computer.  
I told Inky to wiggle his ears once if he understood.He did it! I'm only nine!
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We went to the vet last mo with 1 of our 2 cats buffy and she was half her weight she was the visit she had before .he told us if she lost 3 more lbs she could die .when we got home we picked her up and told her this out loud to her and ever since then , she has had more than 3 trips back to the bowl on ea meal ,breakfast and dinner .
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Cats are among the most mystical creatures on this earth. They were worshiped as gods by different societies , most well known of these the Egyptians. They are associated with magic and are renowned as witches familiars. Even t Rex alias Marc bolan, sang about them in his hit song ride a white swan. The lyric was , put a black cat on your pillow and in the morning he will know all that you know. When you look into their eyes you can feel them reading you. Sometimes its as though they are too good for you and they choose to snub you by ignoring you. So i would be surprised if they had hidden powers and a deep understanding of us mere mortals.
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Barbara Tschudy
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Hi Danielle93!
I have two darling, wonderful, and I believe intelligent little girls, Molly and Naomi. One is 6 yrs. old and the other is 4 yrs. My Molly and I have this complete understanding. I can tell her to play with Naomi, like this: "Molly, Naomi, play-play!" I will repeat that about 6 to 10 times! Finally, I'll see Molly looking right at Naomi, and Naomi eyeing Molly! Both their tails start to "swish" and their eyes get very dilated! Suddenly, Molly will run right toward Naomi (I call Naomi Nay-Nay a lot!) and stop right in front of her. This makes Naomi's saucer eyes even get bigger! lol. Off Naomi goes, jumping gracefully in mid-air right off the top shelf of her condo, while Molly is high-tailing it to the bathtub. She'll jump in the bathtub waiting for "Nay-Nay's" grand entrance! They'll pounce around in the tub with each other for about 15 seconds and both will be winded! Wowwwww....What a work-out for both of these "athletic" house-cats!
Try this: While one of your cats are fully relaxed like lying on the bed or floor with you, look at your cat and while she/he's staring you down, slo-o-o-o-wly close your eyes and just as slowly, open them, keeping the "stare" going b/t you both. Keep it up. Smile a little. You can even hum a soft "mew" to him/her of reassurance that all is well. After a short while, your sweetie will slowly close it's eyes and re-open them. Keep this nice, "anxiety-busting" game going as long as the cat will "play." In essence, you're telling your cat that you totally, unconditionally love her/him! This calms them, and they begin more and more to trust you. This is complete cat communication! So, yes! There are many things you can do to make your cat understand you. If you don't want your cat to jump atop the counter, or if you don't want your cat to dash out of your outside door in a milli-second, walk after the cat, keeping an eye on her or him and eventually after making a couple of cat mews, threatening cat mews, the cat will stop. Very seldom does kitty hear her or his human companion talk "kitty talk." (make it seldom...don't overdo it!) Try to sound like "mama cat" did. Give a couple sharp meows, be loud! Even growl a little...yes, growl! LOL. Your cat will stop all other interesting things to figure you out. Keep mewing as you come up to your cat and don't even let her or him think you feel timid, a little crazy, and most of all, don't laugh! She will NOT take you serious next time. I've done this and it works! When you get near enough, firmly, yet "gently"grab the nape of its neck and hold it down while firmly, without yelling loud, scold the cat, telling the cat, "NO!" Tell the cat he or she cannot go out or run away from you! Keep the firm hold on its neck until you feel the cat "gives in" to a human. The cat will usually feel "miffed" that its human companion actually chased it down! Cats DO get embarrassed, so gently pick the cat up after scolding it, holding it firmly but lovingly with the one hand still on the nape; the other hand under the buttocks. When you both safely get inside the house, again, gently put "sassy cat" down on the floor and let go. She/he will shake your smell off (or try to) and lick its paws (it's now licking its wounds) and will then shoot away from you like a ball out of a bazooka, leaving a trail of flying fur floating in the air. But, sweet kitty will know when you're serious and will know that she or he "lost" that game with you.
Cats get very ticked off. Did she or he ever turn its back on you? What's it telling you? Perhaps it is angry at you. Maybe it didn't get enough attention? Or perhaps it is because it is again, testing you. Cats are fun and they surely can communicate with a wide range of different "games." So go for it! Yes, I definitely believe, Danielle93, that your cat does understand you! Buy a book on communicating with your cat. You'll be astounded at how you can communicate with your cat and other cats. It takes love, patience, and a big amount of laughter on your part...Have fun!
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I call my cat to snuggle, and if he feels up to it, he comes on over. Both my cats know their names. If they're yowling for food, and I tell them to just wait a moment, they stop and wait by their dish.

My cats have both saved my life, without any training, command, or anything. I like that they are independent creatures, relying more on intuition than extensive training. And who else would eat that pesky little troll that sneaks in and tries to eat my spirit?

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I have trained horses, parrots, llamas, dogs and cats.

As pack animals, most of these species are hard-wired to picking up on the sounds and body language of their pack --once upon  a time for their very survival.

A cat is different and most people simply are not intuitive enough to notice and work with that subtle difference. However, if treated according to their needs and with deference to their fears as both predator and prey animals, and with empathic and true love-- I have found them easily trainable to come, roll over, jump in and out of things or to my arms on command, as well as much more complex behaviors such as sliding upside down a tube into my hands with total trust. A trusting cat loves a belly scratch, too, like any dog.

Dogs are a cake walk of butt-kissing trainability by nature. But most people just don't care enough, or are not smart enough to have that sort of special bond with an animal like a cat. It you can't it is not your fault any more than it is the feline's. You both simply have limited mental facilities to work with. No insult intended, simple truth.

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Cats can learn to understand some words quite well, maybe not quite as well as dogs. However, almost any animal we have contact with is better at reading body language than we are. Maybe this is because we rely on vocal language so much now, that we have lost that ability to some extent.
I think your cat perceives that you are trying to communicate, although it won't understand the words or concepts, but it will understand your mood very well, maybe even better than you do yourself. This is why animals are being used in therapies for people with problems so much now.
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All i can say is that i think my cat does.  Sometimes, i even feel like she can pick up on who i like.  For example, if my cousin is REALLY making me mad on that day, then she won't let them pick her up. But if not, then shes fine.
Yes, i am one of those people that talks to their cats, i think that they can.  At least they are able to pick up emotions and tones of voice.

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