Is Cinnamon Bad For Cats?


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Can Cats have cinnamon?

Cinnamon does cause reported hypoglycemic activity in cats. In a non-diabetic cat, the blood sugar does not need to be lowered and this can become serious.

Long-term use may lead to problems with the liver. Large doses of cinnamon can lead to vomiting.

I would not feed cinnamon to a cat. This is not a normal or necessary part of a cat's diet.

Monitor for weakness, trembling, or collapse (signs of hypoglycemia) if accidental ingestion occurred.

  • Take your cat to the vet immediately if your cat is acting strangely, or is or ill after they have ingested cinnamon.
  • Cats do not need cinnamon in their diet, nor do they need fruit or vegetables to stay healthy like humans do.
  • However, cats do need large quantities of protein to keep them healthy. This is why a normal cat's diet will consist almost entirely of meat.

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