How To Cure A Pregnant Dog Safely From Mange?


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Try to make sure she is better before the puppies come. It is genetic, but try to make sure she is cured before they are born so they don't get it from contact.  Wash her in her regular shampoo and then use this solution borax soap( you can get it at walmart or kroger) peroxide and water. Mix it all together until the water can't hold any more borax. Put it all over the dog BUT don't RINSE OFF! Do this for 3 days in a row then ounce every week for about a month. Trust me it helps. If she has some really bad spots but baby oil on them, the oil will suffocate the mites and they will die off. Make sure to wash her bedding or buy new and her favorite spots in the house with that borax and if you have wood or tile mop with the borax.  If all else fails and it doesn't help put car oil (clean) all over her, yes it sounds crazy but this works also, put it all over her then  leave it on for 3-4 days then wash off with dawn dish soap, yes she will stink but there will be no more mange.

Make sure ounce the puppies are born you tell them that she came from a mother with mange and the puppies need to be spayed/neutered. You will also want to get her spayed.

Hope this works for you goodluck !!
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Which mange? Is it Sarcoptic or Demodex (I don't think that's going to matter too much other than the fact that Sarcoptic is contagious)? What breed? You should ask your vet what they think about micodex baths and maybe trying Interceptor (used daily or every other day as opposed to monthly)since it's supposed to be safer you can't use Ivomec even if your dog isn't one that will keel over. It's going to be super expensive though probably. On the other hand if it's demodex you could use the opportunity to see of it's generalized and she should be spayed.
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I just talked to a friend and I think her vet may have used the interceptor (not pregnant though) and she thinks they did it every week or two and it still worked so talk to your vet about the possibility of using it on a pregnant dog.

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