Why Does My Mini Schnauzer Shake Uncontrollable For No Apparent Reason?


5 Answers

Jodi Something Profile
Jodi Something answered
Your dog might be having seizures. I would get him to the vet asap. Be prepare to describe what he is doing and how often it occurs. They will also want to know if he looses consciousness and if he drools or wets himself. The vet will also want to know how long they last and how he acts afterward.
tracy deines Profile
tracy deines answered
If it's like a seizure he needs to get to the vet, and he should be seen anyway if it's not just when he's excited or something. Best wishes
nettie Profile
nettie answered
Perhaps this is a part of the dogs make up, as some dogs do shake like they are freezing cold all the time but it is just a part of the breed, they just naturally shake, there is no real reason......the best to you, it would be helpful if you would read up on the breed and find out more about them.....the best to you

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