I cant afford a vet visit right now for my dog so could i use glovers mane or sulfur 8 to start healing the mange?


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I wouldn't. They don't seem to be labled for mange or use on pets or are used by professionals under such circumstances and may not have any benefit at all, they also appear to be a shampoo and not any sort of dip.  There is also a question as to whether your pup is in need of antibiotics for secondary infection. You could always speak to your vet about it and if they okay it then follow their instructions and would also have any treatment being done under veterinary supervision which is really law in most places.
Dips aren't really commonly used as a treatment for mange at all anymore as there are options which are safer when used under veterinary supervision, more effective with much quicker results and much less complicated and easier for everyone involved, those also tend to equate to less expensive in the long run.
Best thing is to go in for an inexpensive exam, have your vet take a look to make sure it's mange your seeing (otherwise your pup may need an entirely different treatment), whether or not your pup requires antibiotics so you can get those and talk to them about using either ivomec or intercepter.
Interceptor is usually a little more expensive but safer and there are a few 'tricks' to lower expenses such as getting ones about to expire since you are using it more often than it's used preventively. Ivomec is usually less expensive, more dangerous, and some breeds can't have any exposure or it's deadly. Ivomec must be used with veterinary supervision since it is also easy for the average person who has no idea what they are doing to make deadly mistakes or ones with life time consequences. Just tell them that financially you are strapped so you need to clear it up in the fastest possible way that is going to also be the more financially feasible option for you. Hope it's all cleared up soon.

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