How To Cure A Goldfish With Dropsy?


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I have just had a huge success with dropsy. IN 1 WEEK !!!

I took my porcupine looking goldfish out of the normal tank and placed him/her in a small 7 liter tank. I added around half a teaspoon of Epsom salts and feed him on spinach only. The following day I added another half teaspoon of Epsom salts. Thats right a teaspoon to just 7 liters (about a gallon). THATS IT. Many cures add a little epsom salts. NOT ENOUGH.
After 2 days the spinach was coming out the back (give him lot's)
I did one about the 4th day add another teaspoon of Epsom but after about 3 hrs he was looking stressed. So I emptied about 2/3rds of the tank and replaced the water.
Funny thing is..... The following morning he had really started to loose size and and his scales had started to flatten.. I also started to feed him a little normal food after he had, had some spinach. So I believe it's the epsom salts in the other cures that doe's the trick so give as much as they can handle and bring it up bit by bit. ( I not a professional at all. But I do have a live goldfish). I really hope this helps people.
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An easy cure that has worked for me TWICE with two different fish..
Take them out of the water for a few minutes (I know it seems like
forever) and for some reason the extra Oxygen does something
and within days they were doing a lot better.. Within weeks
they were back to normal.. And lived long lives after this!!
Good Luck
Sharon in Appleton Wisconsin
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Put a little salt in the tank.
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It might be swim-bladder disease it depends whether it is just motionless or has its belly sticking up.
Try feeding it mushy peas. :)
hope this helps
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Dropsy can only be treated on the earlier stages. But you can try a few things even now. First of all, try to find out whether it is acute dropsy, or chronic dropsy. Chronic dropsy is hard to cure. Cancer or parasites might be involved in chronic dropsy. Acute dropsy is caused by bacteria. This is comparatively easy to cure.
Now to treat you fish for acute dropsy, keep it in a separate tank. Keep the water temperature around 82 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Don't use aquarium salt. Go for Epsom salts, which will help the fish lose its extra body water. Add 1/4 teaspoons of Epsom salts per 10 gallons of water.
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My fish too has dropsy his name is goldy he turns sideways and upsidedown I am really sad. We put him in another tank and we are holding him
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It is not a definite disease, but just the fish's abdomen becomes enlarged. It causes accumulation of the fluids in the body. The scales project out from the body. A sudden swelling is acknowledged as acute dropsy whereas a slow swelling is identified as chronic dropsy that is contagious.

The treatment is easier if it is caught earlier. Maintain water temperature to about 82-86 degrees using 1/8 teaspoon Epsom salts per 5 gallons to lose some of the fluid that has built up and to draw out toxins. Increase aeration, as the temperature inside is high and keep on doing this for about two weeks.

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