How Do You Know If A Newborn Kitten Is Healthy?


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When a kitten is born it should be plump, warm and very placid. It should weigh around 100 grams or 4 ounces. If it is much lighter than this, it may not survive. You shouldn't expect it to be active – it can't see or hear – or to make much noise.

It can't purr yet, and should very rarely cry. If a new kitten cries much, especially around feeding time, something is wrong – it may not be getting enough milk, or could have a stomach upset or other complaint. If the kitten cries much, appears thin or tends to shiver, you should seek expert advice.

Once the eyes are open (usually at about a week old), they should be slightly bluish in colour; this will soon clear leaving the eyes bright. If the newly opened eyes look white, consult a vet. The hearing should also start developing at about this time. Please click here for more information about the health of newborn kittens.

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