How Long Do You Have To Wait To Hold A Newborn Kitten?


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If a kitten is still with its mother, it shouldn't be over-handled, at least for the first week. 

Mothers can be very protective of their kittens and, during the first few days, the kittens are totally dependent on their mother.

It is very important that kittens socialise with humans, especially if you want them to be friendly house cats. 

It is best to wait until the kittens are three to four weeks old, by which stage they should be standing and walking. They should also be interacting and playing with their brothers and sisters.

It is important that by six weeks, you are teaching your kittens that hands are not for biting.  The lessons they learn now will stay with them for life, and you want to teach them not to play too rough.

If you are re-homing your kittens, you may think they are ready to leave their mother at around seven weeks, and although some kittens are ready at this age, it is often better to wait a bit longer.

Kittens learn everything they know from their mother and they still have lots to learn about social skills and interaction.

It is usually best to wait until the kittens are twelve weeks old before they are re-homed.
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It's best not to really, as if you get human scent on it, the mother may reject it - but when they are a few weeks old, the mother is less fussy and more relaxed.
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Just to be safe, I would wait a month or when they can walk and their eyes are open. Slowly approach them - when the mom is around, though.

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