Is It Safe To Use Diesel Fuel To Kill Fleas On Dogs?


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What a load of crap!! Diesel fuel is much safer than many treatments for the effective control of ticks and many other parasites! Many treatments are toxic to humans and must be handled with care. Diesel will not harm your dog if used correctly. My dog doesn't like the smell much but other than that shows no signs of any irritation whatsoever and I have found diesel much more effective than ANY treatment I have purchased. I think it's hilarious that someone would suggest it might kill a dog.....maybe if you set your dog on fire!! I handle diesel's about as toxic as water!
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Personally I think diesel is still the best treatment for fleas removal. With the ratio of 2:1 (2 diesel and 1 shampoo )

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No way this would destroy the dogs skin and probably kill the dog as well as the fleas

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